Reuben Austwurn (born 17 May 1955 - died September 27th 2014) is an author and scientist within VX, most famous for his book Ferrocores and You.

Biography Edit

Reuben was born in Buffalo, New York, the son of Rosemary and John "Jack" Austwurn. He has Irish, Welsh, and Czech ancestry. When Reuben was in fourth grade, his family moved to Long Beach, Indiana.

Reuben attended Notre Dame Elementary School, a Roman Catholic grade school in Long Beach. In 1973, he graduated from La Lumiere School, a Roman Catholic boarding school in La Porte, Indiana, where he was an excellent student and athlete. He studied five years of Latin, some French, and was known generally for his devotion to his VX studies.

He attended Harvard College, graduating in 1976 with an A.B. summa cum laude in VX theory in three years. He then attended Berkeley where he was the managing editor of the VX subdivision together with Katherine Yalgeth. Austwurn made his career breakthrough when becoming the the first person to get a conditional post-axial reading from a delta tri-sphere in 1988 during his time at Berkeley.

Austwurn is currently working as a lecturer at Utrecth University (Netherlands).

Disappearance Edit

On September 29th 2014, Austwurn had a lecture scheduled which he did not show up to[1]. He has not been heard from ever since. It is worth noting that Austwurn is notorious for disappearing, he has however never been gone for this long before. Ashes found near his beam emitter suggest he may have been atomized due to improper calibration, DNA testing showed compatibility. The death was ruled accidental.


  1. Sudden disappearance of VX legend Austwurn makes it to student newspaper!