Teutonic logic

Cover of the 1981 and eBook editions of Teutonic Logic: An Introduction.

Teutonic Logic: An Introduction is the seminal work in the field of teutonic logic. The logic presented in the book is sometimes referred to as "Swedish teutonic logic" to differentiate it from the strain of logic being developed in the Soviet Union at the same time. Devised and written by Johann Petersen, Lukas Eberstark, Lars Ehrenström, Ludwig Bäcker, and Georg Dahlquist, the logic presented in the book has fundamentally altered the field of VX science and its central tenets have remained largely unchanged since the book was first published in 1981.


In the late 1970s, VX had undergone an increase in popularity. One major center of activity was in Stockholm, Sweden. A small VX enthusiasts' club had started at the University of Stockholm, which was where Petersen, Eberstark, Ehrenström, Bäcker, and Dahlquist met each other.

The aim of the book was to, in Petersen's words, "provide a succinct, unified, logical language with which to systematically express the processes and operations inherent to the VX field".