Trallier or Trallor Hexes Edit

Trallier or Trallor Hexes, (Tr Hexes) are adjusted Control Ranged Filters falling within the 85x to 98.24600008x range of modulation. To reach these ranges with a factory clean VX6 module only requires the oscillator to be at the 5th preset of quark stabilization with atleast 100 charger interpolators, enabling the filter to reach the 85th magnification range of the modulator.

Known Issues Edit

  • Incompatible with US models with locked GVG boards.
  • Actuators that fail to properly interlock it's outward fluxes may cause a quark flip.
  • Resonance Chambers that gets power from a DG44-Type Bolt have been reported to show slower performance but clearer parameters.
  • Calibrators not fixed to a generation 3 (or above) port parallel to the oscillator's modulation filter might cause excessive gamma values to be rerouted to reverse-routers.
  • If the filter is set at 44.5962 magnification range, any Ion Isolating Tubes/Panels should be set to "Transient Resistance" or coated with any macroil in order to prevent the core's quanization (note: only affects cores without conducive system-based attractors that aren't locked to the Hex)
  • Nizop lubrication may affect how the hex's range's wave is displayed

Popularity in the VX Community Edit

After the discover of the filter-specific Hexes, Tr Hexes have since become a substitute for portable/small rigs because of the little requirements required to be able to support the system as a whole. Tr Hexes are one of the few filter-specific hexes, Tr Hexes are just Recross-Compressed 7-bit sines and the simplicity in recreating and modding one has made it a community favorite.

Variations and Known Substitutes Edit

  • RadioX - RadioX is a company specialized in Polycarbonate based rig-cases but recently instructions for recreating their Hex (Prisselator Hexes) using a Portable 5233 Jester Model (or older) has been released, free for recreation.
  • Ewing and McGorsch's - (EaM's for short) has developed conjugated filters (Neodymium Hexes) that aren't exactly like Trallor/Trallier Hexes but are close enough to have similar effects.
  • Nix Officium - This company has developed a phase adaptation-based hex which is still unnamed and it's instructions are yet to be released around 2040. This project may be a failure as Phase-Adaptation is being seen less and less in newer rigs as it has better substitutes, but the team working on the hex promises proper adjustment to the newer trends once it has been released.