Volt Xoccula is an international computational engineering company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. It was established in 1953 as Xoccula Industries, later merging with its parent company to form VX as it is known today.

Volt Xoccula is the primary manufacturer of almost all common-function applicable multiencabulators, commonly known as VX Modules.

History Edit

Volt Xoccula can trace its origins to Volt Red Sciences, an early computer development company established in 1949. Volt Red had a number of semi-autonomous facilities around the globe, one of which was codenamed "Xoccula," based in Helsinki. The scientists at Xoccula were tasked with developing the theory of System-state Emulation, and by 1952 had manufactured their first functional model - the XM Encabulator. Following this, in 1953, the team branches off from Volt Red and formed Xoccula Industries, specializing in the development of encabulator-type machines and system-state emulators.

Later that year, Xoccula Industries and Volt Red merged, forming the Volt Xoccula Company. With their combined efforts, they developed the first programmable multi-emulating encabulator, known as the VX1.