The Wobble-Optic Nu Delta Coordinates of a VX6 Module are the approximate locations in space-time where the wobble-optic recessive desynch array effects are felt the heaviest when using the space-warp shift application of any VX6 Module. These coordinates can usually be programmed by switching the tripolar omniconverters located on the sixth locus of the Oberon generator. A proton gradient must be driven through the trapezoid-shaped array on this sixth locus for one minute and twelve seconds to get an accurate reading.


Wobble-Optic coordinates are read in the form (x,y) similar to point in the Cartesian plane. Numbers are usually expressed in term's of the fourth Nihilithic law of anti-polar warp capacity.

The most common coordinate for the setting [SPACE-WARP.$3d#s] on hyper-Planck mode is (44, 2.3444)