Yalgeth's Law states that the achievable delta is bounded by the Nth root of Yalgeth's Constant (0.599708838) where N is the number of spacetime dimensions in which the energy vector is manifested. For our familiar 4 dimensions of spacetime, Yalgeth's limit is 0.88. In 5 spacetime dimensions, Yalgeth's limit is ~0.902 and in 6 it is ~0.918. As the number of dimensions approaches infinity, Yalgeth's limit tends to 1.

The increased Yalgeth limit at higher dimensions is not purely abstract. At very small scales as encountered during nanoVX research, hidden extra dimensions that are compactified have been reliably demonstrated to produce anomalously high delta readings, which have at times been incorrectly reported as "Hyperyalgethian delta values". This is of course not correct, and simply a consequence of higher-dimensional influences.